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20 Aralık 2018
20 Aralık 2018
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20 Aralık 2018
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    Our Sheet Metal Punching advantage:
    In last years, metal stamping punching has been replacing forging and die casting, thanks to the low production costs. The metal punched part, spinning part can be more precision and beautiful than those made in other metal forming machining fabricaion.
    Metal stampings punching are used in a variety of industries because material may be Aluminum, galvanized sheet metal Stainless Steel, copper, Brass.
    We have top brand CNC punching center machine imported from Japan:Amada in 6 sets:
    Punching products:
    join with other machining process like Bending/ Forming/ Progressive/ Blanking/ Secondary/ Coining Shallow deep Drawing press/ Piercing/drilling, we could make various metal sheet part and products by customized design and idea.
    Why Choose our manufacture :
    1.We have 12 years’ experience in sheet metal fabrication service, we collected professional staff to answer your questions!
    2. Time is money, Short lead time, fast reaction in every manufacturing period.
    3. Good quality, strict quality control.
    as well as our factory passed International certification like ISO,SGS,TUV standard .,
    4. After sales service: We respect customer’s opinion and Feedback.
    We promised to provide free service and available spare parts for lclient.
    5. We have special prototyping team and can design according to customers' request in any small sample order.
    6. We have one stop fabrication ability thanks to we have most sheet metal forming equipment: bending, cutting, punching, stamping rivet, lathing, drilling, polishing, deburring, simple painting, packing in wood case.China stainless steel stamping factory
    website:Linkleri Görebilmek İçin Üye Olmanız Gerekmektedir.Üye Olmak İçin Tiklayın...